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Roma Achievement Project

The Roma Acheivement Project is a Saturday after-school club designed to help Roma children and young people progress in Maths and English, develop independent study skills, build confidence and improve motivation.

All pupils are taught by tutors and teaching assistants in both small sessions and one 2 one support.

This project is based at Firvale Communtiy Hub, in the heart of the community, offering a culturally sensitive informal setting and easy access for both parents and learners to get to.

This is a partnership project between Life Long Learning Skills and Communities of SCC and Firvale Community Hub to have support for Roma children living in the Page Hall area. Roma Children face low educational achievement which is recognised by all schools in the area and a study commissioned by Firvale Community Hub which prompted LLSC to provide funds.

A steering committee comprised of representatives of Firvale Communtiy Hub and Targeted Support Service of LLSC was formed and a planning process was in action to draw up policies and procedures, recruitment of learners and tutors and logistics of running the sessions on Saturdays. Firvale Community Hub was the responsible body to manage the project and provided the venue.

3 tutors and two teaching assistants have been recruited to teach primary pupils. On average 16/17 young people are attending. They are divided into two groups after an initial assessment of their abilities. Firvale Communtiy Hub Chief executive Gulnaz Hussain is present at every session to provide support along with targeted support service Supplementary Schools Co-ordinator. The sessions run for 3 hours from 1.30-4.30 on Saturday afternoons with 15 minutes break at 3.00pm.


Firvale Communtiy Hub is a community organisation that operates for whole community benefit, providing an extensive programme of activities for all ages, and is a well-established provider in the heart of the Page Hall area, successfully running a number of projects with different specialisms, including for local young people.

Quote From Tutor:

"Having worked with Firvale Community Hub has enabled me to be more directly familiar with the Roma community of Sheffield and to better understand their situation. I have learned to adapt and re-think my teaching in order to respond more accuratly to the children's needs. Their educatuion levels varying considerably, a lot of flexibility and strategic planning was needed. This was facilitated thanks to the collaboration of the other two tutors, Noelle and Evlyn who both have their strenghts. As the weeks went by, I was able to establish a trusting relationship with the children. They are more and more looking forward to learn each week and as we get to know each other better, lessons get easier and easier to manage".




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