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Islamaphobia & Anti-Semitism

Fir Vale Community Hub recently held a workshop around Islamaphobia & Anti-Semitism with a great turnout, again bringing different faiths together to build a more cohesive approach to sit down and talk over food which was great.

This workshop was held in Pagehall during February 2020 this workshop was related to anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. The aim of this workshop was to bring communities together so what we prepared to do is to organise a workshop with food and have discussions and keep it as informal as we could and get to know one another.

This was not easy as for many of those present both Jewish and Muslims this was the first time in their lives they had simply sat and spoken with each other about anything. And then suddenly, they were doing it. Not only meeting one another but talking about hard and very real dilemmas: Israel and Palestine, Kashmir, the place of women, the role of religion itself and more were discussed. 

There was a number of conversations taking place from the stereotypes that exist about both Jewish and Muslims and are any of them true?


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