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ESOL Case Studies

FIRVALE COMMUNITY HUB – ‘My Sheffield Project’ Adult Pathways

  1.  Wafa

Wafa is a young woman originally from Yemen.   She has very little knowledge of English and didn’t study English prior to this course.  Although she knows the alphabet and can write her name and address, she is still a beginner.  She said that prior to this course she had little confidence regarding her knowledge of the English language.  She didn’t feel confident in speaking English as she felt very shy and unsure about herself.  Since the course first began, Wafa understands and knowledge of English language has definitely improved.
Due to the role plays practised in class Wafa can introduce herself and talk about herself and her family.  She can also ask basic questions and said that she can use English that she used in class in relation to her shopping.  She refers back to the class material for reference.  She is a diligent and hardworking student and has been attending regularly.  She is very eager to learn and this is evidenced by her good progress.  She said that since attending the course she is feeling more confident in using English in the wider community.
She said that she really enjoys the phonics practice in class as she is learning about the different sounds of the alphabet.   She said that she enjoyed all the different aspects of the class.  She enjoys the writing element as well as the speaking element.  She always completes her homework.    She said that she definitely wants to do more English classes in the future.  She has been a real pleasure to teach.


Mohammed came from Pakistan over 20 years ago.  He can speak English to an intermediate level; however his literacy is at Pre entry level and he can write and read very little English. He is concerned about his literacy and how it has held him back in his life.  He does not know how to write the letters of the alphabet by memory, although he can recite them.  He has said that his confidence relating to his learning has increased.  Although Mohammed still has a long way to go (at the end of the course he still struggled with writing the letters of the alphabet from memory), he is more hopeful.  He said that he is starting to learn about the sounds (i.e. phonics) and that will help in the long term relating to learning how to spell new words.  He has also learned about vowels and consonants.

Mohammed states that he has enjoyed the role-plays in class.  He is an eager student who always gives 100% participation in class.  Although he has taken English classes in the past, he feels that this Pre entry course has equipped him with the tools to continue with his English studies in the future.  He is very eager to attend more English classes in the future in order to progress.  He is regularly watching' You Tube' videos and has downloaded apps on his phone relating to the alphabet and phonic sounds.  Mohammed really enjoyed visiting the local library and borrowed some books after joining the library so that he can practice reading at home.

FIRVALE COMMUNITY HUB – ‘My Sheffield Project’ Adult Pathways

  1.  NAVEED

Naveed is originally from Pakistan, however for the past 15 years he has been living in Spain.  Due to him speaking fluent Spanish, he has intermediate knowledge of English and said that he has medium confidence in relation to his knowledge of the English language. He can read and write at an intermediate level; however he still felt that he needed a lot of speaking practice as he is a relative newcomer to the country.  He felt that he had a lot of gaps in his knowledge.  This is the first English class that he has attended.  He said that he has improved his reading, writing, speaking and listening skills since starting this class.  He stated that the course “has increased my confidence”. He has learnt new vocabulary around the different topics taught.
He said that he also learned some new grammar such as the first, second and third person and how to use that when talking about the different verb actions.  He said that he really enjoyed reading and talking about different cultures.  He said that the speaking practice he got in class has improved his confidence as a whole.  He definitely wants to attend more English classes in the future so that he can consolidate his learning.  He also knows that this will improve his job prospects.


Shazia originally came from Pakistan about 40 years ago.  She has taken some English classes over the years and can speak English to an intermediate level.  She is quite a confident speaker; however, Shazia feels that she needs a lot of writing practice.  She can also read quite well and said that she needs to learn more about spelling tips and needs to attend more classes in the future as this consistency will be a good foundation for her learning. She states that she wants to be able to write a letter in the future.  She can write basic sentences but needs to increase her vocabulary in general so she can equip herself with the right tools as well as learning more about punctuation and grammar.  Shazia enjoyed the discussions we had in class and was always able to offer good opinions and suggestions.
Shazia definitely wants to attend more English classes in the future.  She is a widow and although her two sons help her out, she feels that she needs to improve her English so that she can lead an even more independent life.



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