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Case Studies

Please read below for case studies of volunteers at Firvale Community Hub

Advice Case Studies:

Case study 1

Client has 3 children one of whom is disabled and receives disability living allowance and she receives carers allowance. Client nor her partner are working and her in receipt of income support.
Client is struggling to pay her council tax adviced client she could claim council tax support.
Made a claim for council tax support online uploaded all relevant documents.
After 3 weeks council tax support awarded.

Case study 2

Client self employed taxi driver and due to covid 19 unable to work. Adviced client to make a claim for universal credit which I did for him and also requested a advance payment from universal credit as client was struggling with essential living needs. Client was given a advance of £800 and will be receiving universal credit every month until he returns to work.

Case Study 3

A client had fled from Birmingham to Sheffield due to domestic violence. A friend told her about our services as she had language barriers and therefore needed help and assistance to apply for benefits and needed to be rehoused. I helped her by advising her on what options were available to her to get rehoused as she was a single person and therefore she was only entitled to a one bed room flat or shared accommodation.
After two weeks the client was able to find a one bedroomed flat. I made a claim for Universal credit for her as well as the Housing Benefit element which is included in Universal credit benefit.
I applied Council tax benefit for her which is separate to Universal credit. The client was very grateful for the help she received                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Health Champion Volunteer:
"Volunteering as a health champion from the Roma Slovak community I welcomed the opportunity to promote both physical and mental wellbeing within my community, my community has a lack of health education and there were many unemployed and facing challenges around health and employment".

A group of males were brought together discussing topics around overall exercise and the benefits for ex. healthy heart, reducing blood pressure, improving mood. The group has been well supported and knowledge around the health benefits has helped with health education.

One member of the group stated "I have enjoyed making friends" another "I feel more confident" another “ I feel more fit " the whole group has enjoyed coming together socially.

The health champion is part of the Roma Football team and is now on level 1 coaching training helping to extend his skills and knowledge of health to a group of Roma youths aiming to start an under 13 years FC.


Springboard Social Cafe Volunteer:


Having moved recently from Gambia to Sheffield England I was able to improve my English by attending sessions at Firvale Community Hub the local community centre in Page Hall.  This was a fun way of learning and I met new people from all cultures.

I was asked if I would like help women improve their health and wellbeing by volunteering.  I had never been offered this opportunity before so was a little unsure but then thought “Yes go on do this”.

I am now helping women from my own culture and also from other cultures to improve their health & wellbeing through the benefits of nutrition, healthy foods and exercise.  We enjoy the sessions so much and I am now qualified in Lead Walking. I am learning basic computer skills, first aid and other training  is scheduled. I use to work in a petrol station in Gambia but this is so much more rewarding and a great opportunity to shape my career path.

Most of all “It  is an amazing feeling to know I am helping other women, working alongside other volunteers, being part of this  amazing work I am so happy.”



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