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"Breaking News"

Sheffield Roma Network to campaign at the UK Parliament in London

The Sheffield Roma Network, which is supported by Firvale Community Hub, has been invited to take part in a roundtable event to be held on 11th July 2018 at the House of Lords in London. The event, entitled ‘Brexit: the impact on Roma communities in the UK’, is organised by all Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Gypsies Travellers Roma and the APPG Migration in collaboration with the Roma Support Group from London. The event will be chaired by Kate Green MP (Chair of both of the above APPGs). This event will include representatives from migrant Roma advocates in the UK, NGOs who represent and campaign on migrants’ rights, and a number of specialist immigration lawyers and campaigners. The Sheffield Roma Network will be represented in London by Marek Pacan and Goran Vodicka.

The purpose of the event is to assess the depth of concern within Roma communities about their current uncertainty in relation to settlement in the UK and their possible greater uncertainty post-Brexit. Some of the issues that Roma communities are facing were recently also expressed in an article in the Guardian (Click here to see Guardian article).  It is expected that this event will lead to Parliamentary action in support of Roma communities’ right to remain and live in the UK, and also provide information to professionals as well as campaigners within/for Roma communities throughout the country. More information will be shared here after the event.

"After The Visit"

Sheffield Roma Network contributing to the roundtable discussion at the UK Parliament

On Wednesday 11 July 2018, a roundtable meeting was held at the House of Lords entitled ‘Brexit: the impact on Roma communities in the UK’. The event was organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Gypsies Travellers Roma and the APPG Migration in collaboration with the Roma Support Group from London. Representatives from Roma advocates and NGOs who represent and campaign on migrants’ rights from across the country were present. Sheffield Roma Network was represented by Marek Pacan and Goran Vodicka. In preparation to the event, Tomas Tancos of Sheffield Roma Network shared a statement  with organisers and participants outlining the main concerns that Sheffield Roma communities are facing in relation to the Brexit and, in particular, the settled status requirements.

On the day of the event, the participants were welcomed by Kate Green MP, the Chair of both of the above mentioned APPGs. This was followed by thoughtful presentations from Chris Desira (Seraphus solicitors), Mihai Bica Roma Support Group), Camille Gangloff (Council of Europe) and Zubier Yazdani (DPG Law solicitors). These presentations provided a good setting for a constructive discussion which raised many important questions and concerns by the UK’s Roma communities to be passed onto the Government. The meeting’s overarching conclusion was the necessity to find ways to support Roma communities in line with the settled status application including campaigning for less hostile environment for such vulnerable groups. The full report of the event will be shared here soon. 



Sheffield Roma Network

`The Roma Voice'

There are between 6,000 and 7,000 Roma people living in Sheffield.

Because of the many issues and changes affecting the Roma as migrant workers, there is now a pressing need for the Sheffield Roma to start making their future as an established Sheffield Community and for the Sheffield Roma 'Voice' to be heard.

To help this change we aim to establish a Roma community network supported by a Sheffield Roma website, to help bring the Roma community together and open up two way communication between the Roma community and the City of Sheffield and its agencies.

We are looking for a representative group of Roma volunteers from across the city to act as contacts, linking the Roma people that they know and are in contact with, to the Sheffield Roma network.

Aims And Objectives

  • To make heard ‘the voice’ of the Sheffield Roma Community by linking the Roma communities in their various places of residence across Sheffield and creating a conduit for the Roma community to engage in meaningful two way communication with the various city agencies and organisations.

  • To help equalise their life chances and opportunities and to support and assist the Roma community’s integration into the wider Sheffield community.

  • To help develop the knowledge and confidence of members of the Roma community to represent their community on relevant governing boards, consultative and representative groups.

  • To accelerate the process of bringing the Roma community to a level of maturity and engagement where they can stand equal with other communities in their participation, representation and responsibility in and to, the city of Sheffield.

Roma Achievement Project

Congratulations to the Roma students attending the Roma Achievement Project with 100% Attendance.

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