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Formerly: Pakistan Advice & Community Association


Health and Wellbeing Projects: Building Better Lives Project - to help individuals 50+ with overcoming barriers, addressing inequalities and help with accessing services. Community Based Genetic Literacy and Support Programme - Community Based Genetic Literacy and Support Programme in partnership with Sheffield City Council and The University of Sheffield. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of close cousin marriages and recessive genetic disorders with a view to improve infant mortality rates in Sheffield. Our project lead works closely with families to provide consistent, accurate, culturally appropriate, sensitive information to families who may be affected or just want some information. The PKW Project as a part of Sheffield’s Better Care Programme commissioned by Sheffield City Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group and is contracted to deliver: - Springboard Social Cafe through Social Prescribing for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health conditions. Community Wellbeing Programme – Health Champions Programme which is responsive to community need and demand, Empowering – people to access services and involved in shaping services, promoting social cohesion, developing local social capital. Learning for living together – delivering a rage of workshops and activities to enable different communities to come together for positive activities. Common Ground – to increase involvement of people in the area in designing and delivering their own projects and building new friendships amongst participants and increasing their own social networks.

Firvale Community Hub runs a wide variety of Health Projects, Please click a project below for further information.





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