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MESP - MESP is a big achievement for FCH, Women who have suffered a high level of extreme social isolation and diagnosed mental health. FCH has worked with these women over 2 years and have managed a strong positive group together who are very vocal. We have come to a point where we can confidently invite other organisations to run sessions.  And the women are requesting for further information and activities which is a good sign.

Consanguinity - Unique Projects such as first ever project in Sheffield to look at consanguinity and link strategically and academically on combating child mortality rates in Sheffield, working in partnership Sheffield city council and Sheffield University.



Celebrating diversity amongst Firvale Community Hub staff a true representation of Sheffield's population.

Firvale Community Hub is also the proud sponsor of a local badminton team who are now currently competing in Men's division 5

Firvale Community Hub would like to congratulate Firvale Badminton Club in their successful funding award from Yorkshire Sport. This funding will support 35, 14 – 25 year olds to learn to play badminton and participate in local league matches as they progress. By participating in sport they will develop team skills, social skills and communication skills which will help them when working with others in a team so that they can more easily progress both in education, in work and in their community.

Firvale Community Hub Proud Sponsors of Sheffield Firvale Badminton Club

Firvale Badminton Award Ceremony
Sunday 7th August 2016

Men’s Plastic Badminton League
Celebrated progressing from
Division 5 to Division 4
Division 4 to Division 3

Councillor Talib was in attendance
Councillor Mark Jones
Presented Trophies.

Congratulations and Well Done to all!!!!


Burngreave Community Awards 2017

Firvale Community Hub would like to thank Tomas Tancos for being awarded the Burngreave Community Award.


Marek Pacan

Marek Pacan is 22 years old. He was born in Spisska Nova Ves and grew up in a small village called Bystrany.

At the moment he is living abroad in England and works for an organization called Firvale Community Hub his role is to lead the Sheffield Roma Network with his colleague Tomas Tancos.

He came in Czech Slovakia Got Talent especially to show his passion and love to music. In his own words, he’s a born musician and also he believes that star should not look upon other stars but should be special in their own way.

During his performance he totally engaged the audience. The judges were also impressed, especially Jakub Prachař who immediately declared as Marek’s first fan and ask him to perform the second song on the judges table!

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